Permanent Closure of House Twenty8

July 22, 2020

It is with great sadness that we announce that House Twenty8 Café will not be reopening after lockdown measures have been lifted and will be foreclosing as a business. After nearly a decade of serving the community we are heartbroken as a family to bear this news to our customers, especially those who have come to rely on our services, and those who have supported us over the years.
With financial pressures mounting earlier this year, the unexpected impact of coronavirus and the closure of social venues has been the final nail in the coffin. As a business that relies entirely on the footfall of customers, and is beholden to large overheads, lockdown measures have had an irreversible impact, and we are forced into accepting we can no longer go on. It is truly a sad time for all small, independent, and local institutions like ours, that we, and most likely our customers too, never thought would be forced to close.
The future of the Post Office has been our primary concern in this time. It goes without saying how vital this service is to the community, and how huge a loss it would be to everyone for it to close. (After all, we originally decided to purchase the building of the Post Office to save it from closure in 2012 and to set up a café and gift shop to support its survival). We are trying to reach a solution for the Sherfield on Loddon Post Office to continue operating, either where it currently stands despite the closure of the café, or at a different location in the village. The ultimate fate of the Post Office is sadly out of our hands, and we must wait for a response from our landlords before we can confirm what plans are for the near future.
After nearly a decade of serving teas, coffees and cakes, and our own home-cooked healthy vegetarian meals, we have poured our heart and soul into this business as a family. We have learnt so much from the opportunity to own a cafe that exists in the centre of village life and brings people together to socialise and enjoy each other’s company. We as owners, can no longer carry on with this journey, and must seek a new chapter. We hope that an equivalent social hub of the village will reappear one day, as we know how different Sherfield on Loddon will feel without House Twenty8 Café, and the flair of Thyme and Linen Gift Shop.
Thank you for contributing to the ride that has been House Twenty8; the memories created, the smiles raised, the food and shelter enjoyed. We wish joy in this hard time to all members of our community, and hope for the continued flourishing of mutual aid, communal spirit and love after this crisis has ended.
Lots of love from
Sarah and the House Twenty8 family
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